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10 Celebs We Had No Idea Were Linked to the “Underworld”

It has often been said that connections play a huge part in an individual’s propulsion towards stardom. These connections are often to well-known media personalities, whether business entrepreneurs, politicians or Hollywood directors. However, these connections aren’t always with individuals on the right side of the law – rappers, for example, …

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21 Weird Inventions That Leave Us With Many Questions

We are surrounded by many strange things thanks to the neverending creativity of designers. These things make us smile, wonder, scratch our heads in perplexity, or even burst out in rage. Bright Side made a collection of funny and strange designer ideas. It’s completely up to you what to make of them. 1. When everyone takes their hat off to you: © bennythomson/reddit 2. She just …

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28 Creative Tattoos That Turn Scars into Works of Art

Scars are things almost everybody has. Some of them are reminders of a happy childhood and amusing memories we still smile about. However, most are marks of pain we had in our lives. Some learn to cope with it and get stronger; some don’t. When the pain is more than we can endure, we wish nothing but to forget and let go. Bright Side has …

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Scientists Say There Are 7 Curious Female Features That Seem to Attract Men the Most

Sometimes our flaws enhance our attractiveness, and the features we are shy about turn out to be adorable and even seductive for men. We at Bright Side found several pieces of research that prove the following statement: being attractive doesn’t always mean being flawless. © eastnews.ru   © eastnews.ru When you get really sweaty outside the gym, it’s kind …

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6 Telltale Signs You Are in a Fake Relationship

When a person falls in love with someone there is a certain level of connection which both the individuals can relate to. They may be distant but they will always looking forward to talking or contacting their significant other by any means necessary. Sometimes in their bid to have a …

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10 Cute Signs You Are Perfect For Each Other

When you are truly infatuated, You find each other minding, astute, engaging, and sympathetic. Each and every good thing. In any case, a couple of signs of a surprising relationship are much more unpretentious. Everything thought of you as know the signs that mean you’re captivated by each other. Notwithstanding …

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